Studying a foreign language can sometimes feel like hard work, particularly when you're living in your own country, immersed in your own culture.

As a keen amateur student of the Japanese language living in the UK - and spending most of my day reading and writing in English - I often struggle to find time to read Japanese-language books and magazines. As a result, my Japanese vocabulary atrophies, even though I speak the language daily with my family at home.

I started asking myself "how could I help language learners like me improve their target-language vocabulary in the midst of their mother-tongue centric daily life..?"


Yarn offers an answer to that question.

Yarn is an iPhone app that helps you acquire vocabulary in your foreign language of choice (we have all the world's major languages covered) even as you continue to read in English.

With Yarn, you no longer need to "study" to progress your foreign language skills - learning comes to you as you simply browse the content you would anyhow in your daily life.

Yarn Analytics

Yarn's sister service, Yarn Analytics, is something of a "bonus" offering. It uses some of Yarn's core technologies to measure the difficulty level of the vocabulary of any English web page.

Yarn Analytics is aimed at English-language writers looking to improve the intelligibility of their writing to non-native speakers.

Weaved with love

Yarn and Yarn Analytics are designed and developed by Weaver. We hope you find them fun and useful - and we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Luke and the Weaver team